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High Performance Teams

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High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams - 1 day programme


High Performance Teams is perfectly placed to equip Leaders and Managers with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary to build high performing teams.


This programme is aimed at leaders and managers at any level. With its combined emphasis on principles and application, interwoven with the tools, topics most relevant today, you will gain awareness of your strengths and development areas, identifying ways in which to use your skills to influence and lead your team.

  • Learning activation – Changing room style activation.
  • Introduction to emotional intelligence assessment.
  • Profiled Leadership
  • Discover your preferred leadership style through DISC profiling.
  • Understanding other profiles and how to adapt behaviour to support high performance in teams
  • Leading across generations - when it matters and when it doesn't.
  • Emotional Leadership
  • How to manage your own emotions - gain self-awareness by identifying emotional intelligence (EI) strengths and development areas.
  • Discover how to be better equipped to sense, analyse and deal with the situations around you.
  • Culture Code
  • Tactics for change - moving from current state to a high performance culture.
  • Culture cultivation - sustaining a culture of belonging and personal investment.
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • Introudction included in the programme (TEIQue).
  • High Performance Teams - 1 Day Programme

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