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Season Ticket FAQs

Season Ticket FAQs

How can Season Tickets be bought?

Season Tickets can be renewed online at, by telephone on 02381 780 780 or in person at St.Mary’s. Our Ticket Office opening hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday- Friday, and 9.30am – 4.00pm on Saturdays.

When are Season Tickets on sale?

Season Tickets go on sale at 9am on Thursday 17th May. Season Tickets will come off sale at midnight on Friday 22nd June for 10 days while we process the Transfer Requests, before going back on sale on Monday 2nd July.

How long do I have to renew my Season Ticket?

You have until the renewal deadline at midnight on Friday 22nd June to renew your Season Ticket and claim your existing seat. After this point, any unclaimed seats will be released.

How do I transfer my Season Ticket?

All supporters who wish to transfer their seat to one that is not currently available must fill in a Transfer Request Form, which can be found at

How can I pay for my Season Ticket?

Season Tickets can be purchased either by cash, card (excluding Amex and Visa Electron) or by a 10 month interest free Payment Plan.

Do I have to move out of the new Itchen Family Area if we don't meet the Family Area ratio?

No - nobody who currently sits in Blocks 11-14 will have to move if they don't meet the ratio, so you can keep your existing seat and benefit from the price reduction. Anyone who wants to move into the new Itchen Family Area will have to meet the ratio, though.

How does the Payment Plan method work?

This year, the option to pay by Payment Plan is provided by V12. Payments will be interest free and spread over 10 months, with a £37 administration fee applied to the cost of each application, which will be charged at the point of the first instalment. All applications for V12 finance need to be made online at

Who can apply for a Season Ticket by Payment Plan?

Anyone aged 18 or over with a UK bank account may apply. Acceptance is subject to approval from V12.

Are there any exceptions to applying online for the Payment Plan?

Yes. If you’ve lived at your current address for less than 3 years, please contact the Ticket Office first on 02381 780780. If you are eligible for a Disabled Season Ticket, please contact the Ticket Office prior to applying so that we can make arrangements for your Enabler’s Season Ticket to be processed as well.

Are supporters allowed to move their seat?

Yes. If the seat you wish to move to isn’t immediately available, there is an application form online which you can fill out to apply for a seat transfer. You need to renew your existing seat first before filling out the form. We’ll the contact you in the week commencing 25th June to discuss where we can move you to.

Who qualifies for a concessionary Season Ticket?

To qualify for a concessionary Season Ticket, the supporter must meet one of the following age criteria –
Under-11 – Must be aged 10 or under on 1st August 2018
Under-18 - Must be aged 17 or under on 1st August 2018
18-21 - Must be aged between 18 and 21 on 1st August 2018
Over-65 – Must be aged 65 or over on 1st August 2018

Who qualifies to sit in the Family Areas?

To sit in the Family Areas, there must be at least 1 Under-18 or Under-11 to every 2 non-child tickets. This does not apply to existing Season Ticket holders in Blocks 11-14 of the new Itchen Famil Area - these supporters are NOT required to move out of their existing seats.

When will my Season Ticket be sent out?

All Season Tickets will be sent out in July. Before we send them to you, we need to print and test them on the turnstiles, which can take some time!

Who qualifies for a Disabled Season Ticket?

In order to purchase a Disabled Season Ticket, the supporter must be in receipt of one of the following, and supply evidence of it to the Ticket Office –

Middle or Higher Rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Attendance Allowance (AA)
Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA)
War Disabled Pension
Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI 2003)
Enhanced Rate PIP for the Daily Living Component, or Standard or Enhanced Rate PIP for the Mobility Component

All Disabled Season Ticket Holders are entitled to 1 free Enabler ST free of charge.