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Saints Learning

Saints Learning is Southampton Football Club’s Learning & Development business. We work with organisations to turn their potential into excellence – applying elite athlete development principles to help them assess, inspire and develop their people.

We use tried and tested methodologies to assess performance of both individuals and teams. We then create inspirational programmes tailored to your needs that will help you raise your performance and achieve your goals.

The courses we offer are listed below:

High Performance Individuals

Developed as a guide proven to help all levels of team leaders and managers to connect, focus, align and activate their teams to elevate results, practicing high performance, is the first step towards self-mastery, packed with easy-to-follow activities, exercises and models, providing you with a range of tools to boost your potential.

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High Performance Teams

This programme is aimed at leaders and managers at any level. With its combined emphasis on principles and application, interwoven with the tools, topics most relevant today, you will gain awareness of your strengths and development areas, identifying ways in which to use your skills to influence and lead your team.

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Optimising Potential

Suitable for Managers or leaders at any level, throughout this workshop you will build and enhance your understanding of how our mindset impacts our performance, identify potential factors and develop tools and strategies to create mind-shifts within yourself and your teams through optimum peformance coaching.

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